Items to get for your phone when you’re out travelling

Most travellers have a list of items they would never leave their homes without. At the top of most people's list is their phone. Travelling without a phone is possible, but makes it much more difficult. With new technology it's possible to book hostels, order foreign currency and find local maps only by using your phone. Your phone is a valuable travelling tool, and in order to get the most out of it, there are a few accessories that can make it even better.

Sim card

Being limited to a sim card that only provides service in your own country makes it a hassle to use your phone abroad. Call and roaming fees are usually quite expensive, and the sum can add up quite a lot. One solution is to get a travelsim. This type of card gives you a fixed fee in every country, meaning you won't spend more money than if you were at home. Another option is to get a phone that allows esim. This solution means that the sim is built into your phone, meaning you can switch between operators as you please when you arrive to a new country. Another option is to get an operator which allows remote sim provisioning, meaning you can change the qualities of the sim as you go. A company like Cloude 9 can provide more useful information about your options.


Another item you should think about getting for your phone as you're travelling is an appropriate bag. Carrying the phone in your pocket is the easiest option, but it also invites pickpockets to steal it from you. A popular bag option is one you carry around your neck with a strap. This option can be somewhat of a hassle, as it creates a bulge under your clothes on your chest, which might not look very appealing. Another option is to get a container for your phone to keep in your pocket, but that you can hook onto your belt or trousers to make it significantly more difficult for a thief to steal it.


Another item you mustn't forget about is an adapter. The difficulty with bringing a phone charger on your travels is that different countries have different plugs, meaning that you might not be able to charge your phone if the electrical outlets doesn't look like you're used to. The simplest method of overcoming this is to get a multi outlet adapter. This type of adapter can be turned into a plug appropriate for every outlet in the world. This is highly practical if you are travelling to a lot of different countries with many different outlets.